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Kids’ party canoeing

Kids’ party canoeing on “De Dommel”


Are you adventurous? Do you love water? Do you love a challenge? Then canoeing on “De Dommel” might well be the perfect kids’ party for you! Get into a canoe with three of your friends and enjoy the beautiful nature. You will assemble at “t Boothuys” from where we take you and your friends to the canoe boarding point in Borkel. After an extensive instruction about how to canoe, how to get on the canoe and what to do if you capsize, you will get into an open Canadian canoe. You can choose to go with 3 of your friends, or one adult and 2 kids.

During the trip

Adult supervision is mandatory and we recommend one adult to canoe in front and one to close the ranks. You are not mandated to wear a safety vest, but you are allowed to. Only when you are not able to swim you are mandated to wear a safety vest during the canoeing kids’ party.

The canoeing tour will last for about 2 to 2.5 hours. On your way you will come across a few docks where you can go ashore and have a picnic. You can bring treats and snack as long as you clean up after yourself, because we are guests in nature after all. After the tour you can make free use of the changing rooms and showers of “ ‘t Boothuys “.


Good weather guarantee

Now what if it rains and it’s cold? If that’s the case you can cancel your canoeing kids’ party at Kanovaren Valkenswaard, free of charge. Nothing is set in stone, which is a great benefit for your parents.


Would you like fries with that?

If you would like to make your party complete you can drink lemonade and eat fries and a snack in “ ‘t Boothuys” for €5.75 per person.



Canoe typeCanoeing tourPrice
Kids’ party canoeing (3 people per canoe)Starting in Borkel (8km)€ 13,00 per person
Reception with lemonade and a cookie€ 2,50 per person
Crisps and a juicebox for the road€ 2,50 per person
Small barrell1 barrel per booking (up to 10 people)free of charge
Safety vestfree of charge


You can easily book your canoeing kids’ party via the button below, but if you would prefer to give us a call you can do so at the following number: +31 (0)40 293 90 78 or you can email us at info@kanovarenvalkenswaard.nl