Canoeing on 'de Dommel'

canoeing from borkel en schaft

Canoeing from Borkel & Schaft

A guaranteed splashing day out! This canoeing tour of 8 km is ideal for people of all ages. Kanovaren Valkenswaard includes transportation and after an instruction you are ready for a beautiful tour, exploring the small river ‘de Dommel’!

Canoeing tour from Neerpelt

Canoeing from Neerpelt

More active canoers can hop on in Belgium. This unique canoeing tour of approximately 16 km takes you via Belgium to the Netherlands. You can take a delightful canoeing tour over ‘de Dommel’ through two beautiful areas of nature.

activities and canoeing

Canoeing and other activities

Do you prefer a programme that can last you all day? You can easily combine canoeing with one of our other activities. How would you like riding (tandem)bikes, a solex tour or one of the many other possibilities?!

Why you should choose Kanovaren Valkenswaard

Beautiful tours through nature

The canoeing tours are an adventure you can’t miss out on! You go through the exceptionally beautiful natural area of ‘De Malpie’ where you can only go by canoe because of its untouched nature.

Rent-free container and safety vest

We value quality, but in addition, we also value good prices because when you book a tour at Kanovaren Valkenswaard there is no charge for renting a safety vest and a small barrel to safely store valuables away from the water.

Good weather guarantee

There are no risks when you book a tour at Kanovaren Valkenswaard! This means you can reschedule if the weather is bad at the time of your reservation. Rescheduling is completely free and you can personally choose a different date.

Hop on every hour and every day

We are open 365 days a year and you can get on a canoe every hour of every day (10-15h) at Kanovaren Valkenswaard.

Free use of showers, bathrooms and changing rooms

Covenient! If you do happen to fall into the water, you get to use our changing rooms and showers free of charge! We are the only canoe rental that offers this service.

Over 35 years of experience

We have been organising the best canoeing tours in Brabant for the past 35 years. With this much experience you are at the right address with us!

Reserve now

You can now easily reserve a canoeing tour at Kanovaren Valkenswaard via this site or via the following phone number: +31 (0)40 293 90 78. Or you can send an email to Hope to see you soon!