canoeing with food

Food and drinks

Canoeing with food & drinks at ‘t Boothuys


Canoeing works up an appetite! Would you like to enjoy some food in between canoeing? Getting out of the canoe for some lunch, or talking about the day during a barbecue or a delicious buffet.

Kanovaren Valkenswaard takes your worries away. Would you like to book a complete package including food & drinks? Leave that to us!
Below you will find the possibilities and prices we offer in our catering assortment. Excluding separate drinks, you can book our catering starting at 10 people. (unless mentioned otherwise).

Food & drinksPrice
Coupons starting at € 2,00
Coffee and pie starting at€ 5,00
Soup with bread € 5,50
Packed lunch€ 6,00
Lunch buffet € 10,50
Lunch buffet luxe € 12,50
Lunch buffet Boothuys€ 14,50
Barbecue (up to 24 people)
25 people and up
€ 20,00
€ 18,50
Barbecue Rofra (up to 24 people)
25 people and up
€ 21,50
€ 20,00
Barbecue Boothuys (up to 24 people)
25 people and up
€ 23,50
€ 21,50
Barbecue luxe (up to 24 people)
25 people and up
€ 25,00
€ 23,50
Buffets (min. 20 people) starting at€ 22,50
Fries/ pizza truck (min. 50 people)Price given at request


Call or email Kanovaren Valkenswaard to inquire about more possibilities!

Kanovaren Valkenswaard and ’t Boothuys Valkenswaard are part of Rofra Sportieve Arrangementen.