Canoeing in Valkenswaard

Canoeing on ‘De Dommel’


The best canoeing tours in all of Brabant!

The sun is shining, the canoe quietly moves through the water and you are paddling through the beautiful natural area of ‘De Malpie’. A beautiful journey through nature where you can only go by canoe. While you are on the way there are multiple possibilities to have a picnic on land, or you can make use of the terrace at Restaurant De Zwaan in Borkel. You can pick from two possible canoeing tours at Kanovaren Valkenswaard, you can get on in Borkel en Schaft (8 km), which is the ideal tour for the entire family. You also can get on in Neerpelt (Belgium) (16 km), which is a tour designed for more active canoers. Canoeing on ‘De Dommel’ is a unique activity for people of all ages!


Canoeing from Borkel en Schaft

While canoeing on ‘de Dommel’ from Borkel en Schaft you make a beautiful canoeing trip of 8 km in a timespan of about 2 hours back to Valkenswaard. This canoeing tour is suitable for people of all ages. 8 km is a nice distance for a morning or an afternoon out. Firstly Kanovaren Valkenswaard takes you from the end of the canoeing route to the beginning of it. After canoeing from about 20 minutesyou will pass by restaurant ‘De Zwaan’ which is where you can rest and enjoy a drink and some food. When you carry on you will soon reach natural area ‘De Malpie’ which is a beautiful surrounding area with lots of great scenery. And if you are lucky, you will see cows, seeking refreshment at the water, from up close. In addition, after canoeing for about an hour and a half you will run into a picnic area. The canoeing tour ends at the ‘Venbergse Watermolen’ in Valkenswaard at a 300 meter distance from “ ‘t Boothuys “.


Canoeing from Neerpelt (Belgium)

Canoeing on ‘de Dommel’ from Neerpelt is really unique in the Netherlands! It is an actual two-country trip! Kanovaren Valkenswaard will take you from the assembling location to Neerpelt (Belgium). First you will go through the stunning natural area of “ ‘t Hageven “, after which you will go halfway through the natural area of ‘De Malpie’. On the way over you will come across several options to get off the river, but nearly all of them are located in the middle of nature. After canoeing for about 9 km you will arrive at restaurant ‘De Zwaan’ where you can possibly stop for a while to enjoy a drink and some food. The tour ends at the ‘Venbergse Watermolen’ at a 300 meter distance from “ ‘t Boothuys “.


Types of canoes

Kanovaren Valkenswaard lets two kinds of canoes:

  • Single canoes: suitable for one person, recommended age of approximately 12 (adult supervision is mandatory).
  • Open Canadian canoes: suitable for two adults and possibly one or two small children (approx. 5-6 years old) per canoe (adult supervision is mandatory). We allow a maximum weight of 180 kg per canoe.



Canoe typeCanoeing tourPrice
Single canoeFrom Borkel (8km)€ 20,00 per canoe
Single canoeFrom Neerpelt (16km)€ 23,00 per canoe
Open Canadian canoeFrom Borkel (8km)€ 40,00 per canoe
Open Canadian canoeFrom Neerpelt (16km)€ 46,00 per canoe
Rent of a small barrell
(1 barrel per booking up to 10 people)
Free of charge
Safety vestFree of charge

All prices are for one canoe, including tax. basic accident insurance and transportation to the desired boarding point.