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Canoeing Borkel

Canoeing tour from Borkel en Schaft


Would you like to have a nice day out, going outside and enjoying nature? Then is for instance a canoeing tour on “de Dommel” the unique day out for you! Escaping from the daily grind and busy society for a while and paddling over the river “de Dommel” in the most relaxing way. This is also ideal for a day out during a vacation!

From Borkel en Schaft you will make a beautiful canoeing tour of 8 kilometres back to Valkenswaard in about 2 hours. This tour is suitable for people of all ages. 8 kilometres is a nice distance for a morning or an afternoon out. After about 20 minutes of canoeing down ‘De Dommel’ you will come across restaurant ‘De Zwaan’ where you can rest for a while, while enjoying some food and drinks. When you continue your tour you will soon reach natural area ‘De Malpie’; beautiful surroundings with great scenery. If you’re lucky you will see cows, which are seeking refreshment at the water, up close. After canoeing for about an hour and a half you will come across a picnic area. The finish of this tour is at ‘De Venbergse Watermolen’ in Valkenswaard at a 300m distance from ‘t Boothuys.

Types of canoes

You can choose between 2 different canoes; the single canoe or the Canadian canoe. The single canoe, also known as a kayak, is obviously suitable for 1 person. The open Canadian canoe is suitable for 2 adults and 1 or 2 small children older than 3. We allow a maximum combined weight of around 180 kilos.


Reception in ‘t Boothuys

Kanovaren Valkenswaard has their own reception area with many accommodations you can make use of for free. “t Boothuys” is very spacious with an inviting terrace, a large parking lot that offers free parking. You can also make free use of the large changing rooms for groups and separate changing rooms with showers. We are the only canoe rental company in the area that offers these accommodations.


Good weather guarantee

A great asset of booking a canoeing tour at Kanovaren Valkenswaard is that you can reschedule your tour for free in case of bad weather. You can book a canoeing tour with peace of mind and reschedule without issue or questions at the event of bad weather.



Canoe typeCanoeing tourPrice
Single canoe (1-20 canoes)Vanuit Borkel (8km)€ 20,00 per canoe
Single canoe (21-40 canoes)Vanuit Borkel (8km)€ 19,00 per canoe
Open Canadian canoe (1-10 canoes)Vanuit Borkel (8km)€ 40,00 per canoe
Open Canadian canoe (11-20 canoes)Vanuit Borkel (8km)€ 38,00 per canoe
Rent of a small barrel1 free barrel per booking up to 10 people
Safety vestFree of charge

Prices include tax and standard accident insurance


You can easily book a canoeing tour online via the button below. But if you prefer personal contact, you can call +31 (0)40 293 90 78 or you can send an email to the following address: info@kanovarenvalkenswaard.nl