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About Kanovaren Valkenswaard

Canoeing in Valkenswaard has been a big concept in Valkenswaard for many years. For more than 35 years we have been providing the ability to rent a canoe and we have been organising several different tours on “De Dommel”. There are two different kinds of tours possible, one starts in Neerpelt Belgium and runs through natural are “De Groote Heide” and natural area “De Malpie”. So much natural beauty during an outing in Valkenswaard! On your way you will come across nothing but someone taking a walk, a biker or another canoer. Really a unique trip through two countries. The tour starting in Borkel is just as special and runs through the same natural area for a bit, but is a bit shorter, namely 8 kilometres.

Kanovaren Valkenswaard is a part of Rofra Sportieve Arrangementen. Rofra was founded in February of 1982 and provides all kinds of days away, company outings, group outings and school field trips. From 1 to a thousand people, we offer recreative, sporty, adventurous creative activities. It is often said that we are flexible, think along and respond quickly and clearly. We do actually enjoy making your day away or company outing the best it can be! Canoeing in Valkenswaard is a great day out for every one!